Healthcare in Underserved Rural

Access to healthcare services for underserved remote rural and urban communities to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Home Care for Critically Ill

Institutional care and home care for the aged and critically ill while they stay in the comfort of their home and provide preventive healthcare maintenance.

Access to Occupational Health

Access to healthcare services for Occupational, Industrial and Maritime clusters focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace.



Provides valuable tools for improved patient outcomes, improved health outcomes, improved access to care, driving efficiency and cost savings to the existing health care system. 3N CRYSTAL HEALTHCARE can deliver important medical and public health services where there is scarcities and remove barriers of time and distance.

Remote Diagnosis & Treatment

Digital Technology for Telemedicine (remote diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury), Telehealth (remote delivery of medical care, health education and public health services) and services such as assessment, monitoring, communications, prevention and education.

Our Mission

To be a preferred global provider for Telehealth and Telemedicine based solutions for delivering primary healthcare.

Our Vision

Universal Primary Health Care for All – Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime is the vision of 3N Crystal Healthcare.

Our Platform

An open source cloud based online collaborative Medical Suite enables remote consultations in a seamless and secure environment between patients and physicians.

Our Objectives

Enabling connectivity between multiple medical diagnostic devices, doctors, healthcare providers and receivers and communities around the world.

Our Values

Employing competent, caring, and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of patients, their families and the communities we serve.


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