About Us

3N Crystal Healthcare provides a Digital Technology Platform for Telemedicine (remote diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury), Telehealth (remote delivery of medical care, health education and public health services) and services such as assessment, monitoring, communications, prevention and education.

3N Crystal platform encompasses a broad range of telecommunications, health information, videoconferencing, and digital image technologies and facilitates connecting multiple users in separate and remote locations.

The platform provided by 3N Crystal is able to offer easily accessible, highly cost-effective and high quality health care for primary, preventive, promotive and curative primary health care services by remotely connecting health care providers and receivers with the aid of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The healthcare industry in the developing world is highly fragmented. The industry is facing enormous challenges, particularly in the delivery of primary health care across the urban and remote rural landscape. Inadequate infrastructure and shortage of qualified medical practitioners are considered the main reasons for the poor state of primary healthcare. Though Paramedics are assuming a greater responsibility of care, this however needs to be supplemented with doctors’ opinions.

The poor either end up visiting a non-qualified practitioner (quack) close to their home or a chemist and in severe instance a local physician with inadequate infrastructure. This means that most often than not, a preventable condition becomes complicated requiring more resources. Being one of the late adapters to technology, healthcare industry is still struggling with record keeping.

Currently many providers are struggling to find experienced analysts who possess the combination of healthcare domain specialization and experience with the vast array of analytics methodologies. While virtual care has been heralded as a game changer for the health care industry for many years now, there has not been till date a single platform or service that could integrate and seamlessly operate an Online-Offline model of service integration.

We are just now at the precipice of major changes that will transform the cost, quality and patient experience for receiving virtual care. In the coming years the power of virtual care will become increasingly tied and deeply integrated with health care delivery technology than ever before.

3N Crystal Healthcare bridges this gap to build a viable and scalable business on a platform that communicates seamlessly with devices, doctors, health care providers and receivers.


3N Crystal Healthcare mission is to be a preferred global provider for Telehealth and Telemedicine based solutions for delivering primary health care. We aim to inspire its adoption by governments, health care providers, organizations, patients and their families. By facilitating an affordable and timely primary health care to individuals, families and communities at the remotest regions of the country and to communities beyond, we strive to make us, as a mainstream channel for health care delivery and health education.


Universal Primary Health Care for All – Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime is the vision of 3N Crystal Healthcare. The engine that drives our connected care platform enables a core set of streamlined and integrated primary care and telemedicine services that are easy to understand and use anywhere.

These are delivered through modern low cost diagnostic equipment that incorporates secure and robust information and communication transfer systems.


  • Develop a cloud based low cost open-source technology platform for enabling connectivity between multiple medical diagnostic devices, doctors, health care providers and receivers and communities around the world.
  • Enable Deployment of mobile health clinics over this platform for carrying out primary health screening and diagnostic’s over remote and large distances to optimize the rural and urban medical infrastructure.
  • Enable universal enrollment for primary healthcare to ensure that the entire population has access to free basic coverage.
  • Provides valuable tools that can improve health outcomes and make health care delivery systems more efficient and cost-effective by offering the platform for use as a pay as you use service to governments and communities.
  • Expand into occupational health care industries that heavily rely on medical health delivery and offer data mining and health profiling services to governments, corporates, individual and communities.
  • Achieve positive cash flows by third year, reach a target population of one billion and annual revenues of rupees one billion by fifth year.
Dr. N. S. Saggu

Dr. N.S. Saggu




Dr. Saggu, MBBS, AFIH., having more than 30 years of experience in family and occupational health practice. Dr. Saggu has a widespread network of specialists, physical therapists, social workers, and other practitioners. Under the care of these individuals timely specialized and personalized care, based on need can be dispensed to the elderly and needy to dispel medical problems. 3N Crystal Healthcare is the vision of Dr Saggu to provide affordable primary health care for all.